"Committed to Educate, Not Just Rehabilitate"
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Letter of Declaration

Dr. Howard A. Winston, Medical Director

The Centre for Health & Sports Medicine ("C.H.S.M.") is a multidisciplinary health care facility that is committed to offering services of the highest quality to help promote good health and quick recovery. The C.H.S.M. is owned and medically directed by Dr. Howard A. Winston.

As medical director, Dr. Howard Winston has put together a dynamic team of experts that offer services in medical assessments, injury rehabilitation, massage therapy, both general and sports nutritional counselling, personally designed general and sport specific fitness training programs, and fitting of both off the shelf and customized bracing/orthotic services. The bracing, orthotics, and exercise equipment services is provided by Athletic Therapy Services (A.T.S.), an independent company from the C.H.S.M..

Our team consists of Certified sports medicine physicians, Registered physiotherapists, Certified athletic therapists, Registered dietitians, Certified personal trainers, Registered massage therapists, and skilled orthotists.

All of the medical assessments are provided under O.H.I.P. billing (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). All other services offered at C.H.S.M. are privately billed. If you have extended health care coverage, then you will either be privately covered fully, or partially by your plan and/or covered through your Private/Auto Insurance Plans, or any other Alternative Insurance Plan. Please check with front reception for clarification of the fees before committing yourself to the intended service(s).

Good communication & education are important themes at the C.H.S.M.. If we are not communicating well enough for you to understand your condition, or you have any specific questions, please bring this to our attention. Your well being and satisfaction is the highest priority to our team. Here's to your good health!

Howard A. Winston
Medical Director, CHSM

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