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What is Physical Rehabilitation?

Physical Rehabilitation is a process that a patient would enter into when there has been a breakdown in normal physical function. Those health care professionals that possess the skills to physically rehabilitate a patient at the C.H.S.M. are both Registered Physiotherapists and Certified Athletic Therapists.

Physical Rehabilitation Fees

What is the difference in insurance coverage between P.T. and A.T. ?

The two disciplines differ in the overall coverage each receives from extended health care plans. Physiotherapy is widely covered through private health insurance plans while Athletic Therapy is currently somewhat restricted with existing insurance companies plans. Please check with your insurance company to determine the coverage you, or your spouse, or parents may have.

Why is there a difference in fees between Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists?

One will find, in general, that physiotherapy fees are higher than athletic therapy based on the differences in schooling, and the responsibility and liability that accompanies licensing and regulation as described by the 1993 Regulated Health Professions Act. Assessments by both the physiotherapist and the athletic therapist are not services covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health. A separate assessment fee will be billed to patients for each new condition. On average, it takes more time to do an assessment than a treatment. The time taken to offer an assessment or a treatment is left up to the discretion of the treating therapist. The therapist is the expert who decides how much time is required on any given day to achieve the goals of treatment. Physiotherapy is solely a private service at the C.H.S.M.. Athletic therapy is offered both privately during designated O.H.I.P. hours.


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Athletic Therapy

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